What I’m Supporting

The St. Joseph Project

St. Joseph Elementary School is in need of a new building. The school is currently in the midst of a major fundraising campaign called the Masterpiece Campaign. As an independent school, the government dictates that it must provide all the monies necessary to build and remodel the campus. Some of the buildings in the school have been around since it was established in 1939. I realize this may seem like a first world problem and in many ways it is. However the need is very real and this building is not going to happen without help, so it is my pledge to try and provide as much as I can.

To learn more about the St. Joseph Project and the Masterpiece Campaign please visit their website at kelownacatholic.org

Cause #2

In the same way that I want to help St. Joseph, I recognize that there are many schools elsewhere that have much bigger needs than ours. For this reason I want to share our blessings with those who need it most.

I’ve chosen the Institute Mixte Remax (IMR) school a free, community school located in Montrouis, Haiti, a small fishing village on the west coast of Haiti. IMR provides education for Kindergarten through to grade 7. Students are provided a free education (very rare in Haiti – most families must pay tuition) a uniform, multi-vitamin, and lunch every day. The school also provides the necessary school supplies for its students.

$50 enables a child to attend IMR for one month: tuition, supplies, uniform, lunch/vitamin. It’s a small investment in a child’s life that will make a significant impact. Haiti in My Heart is a local, Kelowna-based charity working with IMR and its U.S partner, Love4Haiti, to support IMR and its students. For more information about IMR or Haiti in My Heart, call: 250-712-2268.

All of the proceeds, except for the small gofundme.com fees to collect donations online, go to the causes I’m supporting.