The Dress

The dress I will be wearing is basically the same dress used in the original uniform project. They actually made the dress available to fans for purchase after the project was done and it sold out within days! It is no longer available to buy as a garment or a pattern, so I simply emulated the style and made it to my measurements. Instead of using silk/cotton like they did, I used a wool suiting and lined it in printed cotton.

I will make two more versions of the same dress, but I wanted to work out the kinks on the first one. I might also make some slight changes to the next two dresses, simply to add more variety. One of them will be lined in Bemberg lining (which is Rayon, so it breathes better than Polyester lining) or if I can find some, silk lining. The other might have removable sleeves – working on some zipper alternatives as we speak.

I still believe that this is not ‘cheating’ because it is basically the same dress. Besides, even when you wear uniforms for school or work, you get at least two options. So we’re still following the concept here.