Day 179

June 28th, 2016

# 9 No fast fashion. Learn to develop your own style.

Outfit: Black dress worn forward, over boyfriend jeans, tan MizMooz wedge shoes. Antique rose drop earrings. Unique neck piece, yes, that is made out of doilies. I’m going with it!

Buy style not fads. Current fashion retailers like to tell you that trends are moving fast and that in order to be fashionable you need to pick up the latest and greatest. They do not tell you that the only reason they are moving fast is because they designed it that way. Fast fashion feeds into our need for instant gratification and constant change. In this society where it is hard to stay put for more than 30 minutes at anything that is not on a screen, fast fashion fits right in. The problem is that you could not possibly re-invent fashion so much that it would be so different each time. The proof of this is that they are now re-introducing trends that were in vogue just a few years ago. 80’s and 90’s is cool again? High waist jeans?  Seriously? And they talk about it like it’s the greatest and newest thing since sliced bread. Like nobody has done it before! So what is the solution to this? In the words of Coco Chanel:

“When fashion fades, style remains”.

You must be able to discover what it is that looks good on you. Not only proportion, style and texture, but also what fits your personality and everyday life. A lot of sustainable brands are no longer targeting an age or income demographic, but rather a lifestyle, because this is what will ultimately dictate your preference in clothing.

I want to invite you to watch this video from Cladwell. Remember the company I mentioned a few days ago on building wardrobe capsules? The video does not talk about the business, but about fast fashion and why we should take a different route when approaching our purchases.

Why We Want to (beat) Fast Fashion