Day 177

June 25th, 2016

# 7 Minimize to maximize: Build a wardrobe capsule

Outfit: Black dress worn forwards, red runners. Yellow bag (thrifted) and yellow visor (I know…too much, but hey I’m going to watch soccer and if it’s sunny…it will be just right!)

I’m pretty sure this is the next step I’ll be taking after I finish the challenge. Although I don’t know how exactly I will do it (I’m still in the process of researching it) I do know how I won’t. If you Google “How to build a wardrobe capsule”, you get a ton of links on how to go about it. However, beware of the articles that say they are capsules yet they are not. According to “You are doing the wardrobe capsule wrong“, by Kelly Dougher for Fashion magazine, some of these articles recommend having a capsule for each season, so every 3 months and that would be 30+ pieces each time. How is that a wardrobe capsule? You basically end up with over 120 pieces! I realize though, that number may very well be minimizing for some people, I know some enthusiasts have way more clothing than that, and so, downsizing to a 30 piece rotation is a great step. But if you don’t have a Kardashian closet full, and you truly want to learn how to maximize what you own, then a true wardrobe capsule should be year-round and between 30- 50 pieces.

Exactly what goes into your capsule should depend on your own lifestyle, personality and style. I don’t believe that one size fits all when it comes to this because we are all different. We have different preferences and obligations, so it is silly to expect a stay at home mom to have a wardrobe that is the same as a working single woman or that what works in Florida would work in Calgary.

You can try making your own capsule wardrobe following some of the blogs found, or you can subscribe to a service. One of the ones I came across is called Cladwell Capsules and I love it. I might actually subscribe to them if I fail miserably on my own. But I want to try and come up with my own version first. However, Cladwell seems to be a very viable option if you don’t feel like re-inventing the wheel.

In the end it doesn’t matter how you arrive, simply that you do. So whether you go DIY or through a personal service, finding ways to downsize, purge and minimize will ultimately help you maximize your closet’s potential.

Good luck!