Day 139

May 18th, 2016

The art of custom-tailoring clothing.

Outfit: Black dress worn as tunic under crocheted vest. Jean capri’s, brown belt, brown sandals, beaded necklace borrowed from daughter, (no that’s not a feather duster) mock feather purse.

A friend shared this article from The Atlantic, on Facebook and I am so grateful for it (thank you JP). I love the part where the mom tells her she can fix the shoulders of her dress before they go to dinner. So she pulls out her sewing kit and voila! How many of us don’t have that handy dandy sewing kit anymore? Or even worse, how many have the sewing supplies collecting dust in a corner, because: a) you don’t know how to use them, or b) it is cheaper to toss the item and get a new one! Gasp!

From the article: “Like these turn-of-the-last-century ladies, my mother saw all off-the-rack clothing as lumps of clay to be molded and shaped with new buttons, narrower shoulders, or shorter hemlines. She tailored the clothes she had into the clothes she wanted to have. And she did it all by hand. Dresses were reimagined into blouses, worn-out jeans became shorts or skirts, and in one particularly impressive renovation, my aunt’s dowdy Persian lamb overcoat became a chic bolero jacket.
Today, if I buy a dress that doesn’t fit right, I return it. When clothes show signs of wear, they get sent off to Goodwill or relegated to at-home loungewear”

I know I sound like a broken record, but if we are going to survive the mountain of discarded clothes slowly building up in that landfill, we are going to have to go back to some good old-fashioned traditions. And one of the best ones is the sewing kit.

I invite you to read the full article here, and give me your thoughts on your personal favourite part.

2 thoughts on “Day 139”

  1. I thought you’d like that article! I do use my sewing kit enough to keep the dust off, at least, although it’s mainly replacing buttons and repairing much-loved stuffies 😊. I would love to find a good book or take a class that showed basic tailoring because nothing I buy ever fits me quite right. Maybe I should just start winging it on clothes that are otherwise hopeless!

    1. Winging it is the first step! There are lots of youtube videos that may help. I know a class would be better because you’d get hands on instruction, but hey, if we can try pinteresting all kinds of other stuff, I am sure that a video would at least inspire!

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