Day 135

May 14th, 2016

 Georgie Girl inspired me!

Outfit: Black dress worn backwards.

Georgie Girl’s items: Miz Mooz turquoise platform sandals, black chain belt, blue heart earrings.

In the spirit of looking to the past for inspiration, this week I get to show you some looks taken from the decades gone by. It started yesterday with the 80’s dance, and for the next two days I’ll be sporting some awesome pieces from Georgie Girl, downtown, Kelowna.

Georgie Girl is a vintage store-slash-consignment store- slash all kinds of beautiful jewellery store-slash the list goes on store! Angie, the owner, has such a keen eye for interesting and unique pieces that it’s really not like anything you’ll find elsewhere. Certainly not at the mall! It is awesome to talk to someone who appreciates old fashion quality like she does. I couldn’t help but admire the old portable Singer’s she has on display and she told me she used to sew with one of them. I bet you that sewing machine still works and probably far better than some of the plastic ones I see now.

For today’s look, Angie styled me in a 60’s feel. She said she couldn’t stop thinking the dress instantly has a mod sixties style. I want you to check the fabulous platform sandals from Miz mooz, I was only able to take the photo with them, they are so awesome, so they are available at the store…but wait, I might beat you to them.

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